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Preventing heart attacks and strokes since 1973

F: 020 8532 0168

T: 020 8508 7741

E: info@thecardiaccentreuk.co.uk

Opening Hours: Saturdays Only

Please note that we are currently closed for appointments but are available for phone enquiries

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  115 High Road


Essex IG10 4HJ

Tel: +44 (0) 208 508 7741

CARDIAC CENTRE “Detect & Protect”

“Here, you are treated as a person,
not just as a number”

David H. Dighton Founder

David Dighton is author of two books: Eat to your Heart's Content, and HeartSense. A new book 'The Doctor's Apprentice' is a guide to students and young doctors about the science and art of medicine. It is also an exposé of how the medical profession in the UK really works.

David qualified as a doctor from The London Hospital Medical College, and practised as a general physician, and cardiologist for 53 years before retiring in 2019. He founded The Loughton Private Clinic in 1973, and the Cardiac Centre in 2000.

20,000 patients, over 46 years, were managed by him at The Loughton Clinic, with no clinical complaint received from any patient.

After a BHF research fellowship at St George’s Hospital, London with Aubrey Leatham and Alan Harris he became a lecturer in general hospital medicine and cardiology at Charing Cross Hospital. He left to work as Chef de Clinique, Research Cardiologist and Assistant Professor in Cardiology at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

He founded the Cardiac Centre in 1982 and his methods are still in use.

New: Genetic Testing - the next BIG step in medical practice

We now have tests to help determine who is liable to cancer, and who is not. We have so far done a few tests on those interested in knowing their optimum diet, exercise, and lifestyle regime, as predicted by their personal DNA profile.

The cost for two attendances, and this particular test (Health and Lifestyle) is £500. Because your genes do not change, these tests should only need to be done once (unless future research reveals other genes that might prove more significant).

Click here to find out more.

Worried about your heart?

If you have chest pain, undue shortness of breath, palpitation or blackouts or if you would like to discover and control your family risk of heart disease for the future, we can help you and we won’t keep you waiting until it’s too late!

Detect & Protect

The Cardiac Centre provide a diagnostic centre for patients with chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, high blood pressure and other heart-related conditions.

We are equipped with the latest non-invasive echo-sounding, exercise and respiratory function equipment. As important, we spend enough time with our patients, to get to know them and their problems. This is indispensable to accurate diagnosis.



Please note that we are closed for testing currently but are open for telephone enquiries.

Our  primary aim is prevention - especially heart attack and stroke prevention. Very early diagnosis and treatment is vital, with evidence-based techniques taken from our own research into the earliest detection of heart disease possible.