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CARDIAC CENTRE “Detect & Protect”

Portable recording devices are available which allow the intermittent, automatic recording of blood pressure, together with an ECG. We have 2 such devices.

The ECG recorders we have are ‘event recorders’. That is, they record nly when an abnormal heart rhythm event occurs. After fitting, a small box is worn on the hip. After 24 hours of recording, during which a note is made by the patient of any palpitations or dizzy spells, the recorder is removed and attached to a computer.

The computer then analyses and provides a print-out of results. Full ECGs are printed for those times when abnormal events were recorded.

The blood pressure recorder is useful in the initial assessment of blood pressure. People thought to have genuine high blood pressure (continuously raised), may only have a high blood pressure on occasions.

Once treatment has been established for those who need it, a 24 hour recording will establish the adequacy of treatment.

Significantly high blood pressure can be established from a family history, clinical examination, ECG and echocardiographic evidence of thickened heart muscle (left ventricular hypertrophy.

An exercise test is also useful in the assessment of blood pressure and heart rhythm problems.

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