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Echo sounding of the heart (Echocardiagram)

All patients with high blood pressure should have this done annually/biannually. We measure the heart muscle thickness as an indicator of how much blood pressure has affected circulation. Growth of heart muscle indicates poor blood pressure control. Patients with 'palpitation' need this to check their heart valves and heart chamber size, etc.


Neck Artery Scan (Carotid Artery Scan)

The single most important test for coronary heart disese and stroke risk. It detects the presence of 'furring' or atherosclerosis in arteries. Furring most commonly occurs in the carotid arteries. 99% of those with coronary heart disease have furring. Blood cholesterol, as a test, is useless by comparison. This should be repeated every 1-2 years to detect progress.


Heart Tracing (Resting ECG + Report)

Tests the electrical signal from the heart. An important routine test but not as good diagnostically as heart scanning tests.


Rhythm Strip ECG

for those with palpitations                   


Exercise Test ECG

This is used to detect angina and the presence of narrowing in coronary arteries, not yet causing symptoms. It should always be done on patients with artery 'furring' to discount significant coronary artery disease.


24hr Recording of ECG and Blood Pressure

Essential when consistent high blood pressure is suspected or if palpitation needs to be recorded for diagnostic purposes.               


Combined £360

Lung Function Testing

Essential for those who are short of breath, especially when no heart disease is detected. Important in the assessment of those with known lung disease.



Involved and complex medical situations can take 30-90 minutes and are charged at £120, £180 or £220 depending on complexity.