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CARDIAC CENTRE “Detect & Protect”

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Echo-sounding of the heart



Echo-sounding of the heart has been available since the late 1960s. St George’s Hospital at Hyde Park Corner, London was the first in the UK to have this equipment. It was further developed there for Cambridge Instruments by Graham Leech. Dr David Dighton was a Research Fellow, working with Dr Aubrey Leatham at the time. David and Graham made some of the first high quality heart echo recordings combining pictures of the heart with heart sounds and valve movements.

The Septum: The muscle wall separating the two pumping chambers of the heart. It grows thicker when high blood pressure is serious. The mitral valve: the open valve seen here lets blood into the main pumping chamber of the heart from the ‘priming’ chamber.

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The back wall of the main pumping chamber - the left ventricle.

A heart ‘echo-sounding’ or echocardiogram